usatest - test the Unix::Sysadmin framework


C<usatest [I<host1 host2 ... hostn]>>


usatest takes a list of hostnames to test. If none are given, all hosts in the database are tested. usatest first creates an output directory called test under the framework's configuration area. If a directory of that name already exists, the script renames it to test.yyymmddhhmmss. Several of these directories may be created during the process of tweaking the framework. After you are satisfied with your tweaks, you may remove these directories. After creating the test directory, usatest loops through the host list, creating subdirectories for each host under test called *hostname*/etc. The script generates password, group and automounter files in theses subdirectories, then copies the originals from the hosts, placing them in the same subdirectory with a .orig extension added to the end of the filename.

After usatest finishes, you should peruse the directories and run diff on the files created. Some things to look for are collisions in user and group names and IDs, the order with which groups and users with identical IDs are handled, and conflicts in the automount entries.

Read the Unix::Sysadmin::Setup manpage for a discussion of how to resolve these conflicts.


Man(%%3) pages (programmer's docs):

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Man(%%5) pages (file formats):

the Unix::Sysadmin::Host.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::User.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Automount.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Group.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Netgroup.list manpage

Man(%%8) pages (manager's docs):

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the usatest manpage

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