usapush - install Unix config files on a list of hosts


C<usapush  [ --quiet --verbose ] [I<host1 host2 ... hostn]>>


usapush takes a list of hostnames to push files to. If none are given, all hosts in the database are pushed. usapush generates user, group and automounter databases for each host, and installs them over the network.


usapush takes two optional switches.

By default, usapush announces itself on stdout when it starts. It also prints status messages as it works. If this switch is given, usapush will produce no output other than fatal errors. Overrides the --verbose switch.

If --quiet is not given, --verbose turns on verbose output of all commands issued by the framework.


Man(%%3) pages (programmer's docs):

the Unix::Sysadmin::Host manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::User manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Automount manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Group manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Netgroup manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::List manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Cmds manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Files manpage

Man(%%5) pages (file formats):

the Unix::Sysadmin::Host.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::User.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Automount.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Group.list manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Netgroup.list manpage

Man(%%8) pages (manager's docs):

the Unix::Sysadmin manpage, the Unix::Sysadmin::Setup manpage the usasetup manpage

the usabackup manpage

the usaupdate manpage

the usapush manpage


Howard Owen <>, Hopefully a cast of millions.