usapurge - purge backups created by usabackup


C<usapurge [ --keep=E<lt>nE<gt> --quiet --verbose ] [I<host1 host2 ... hostn]>>


usapurge takes a list of hostnames. If none are given, all hosts in the database are processed. usapueg purges backups created by usabackup (see the usabackup manpage for details of what files are purged). By default, 24 copies of backup versions are kept unless the --keep=<n> parameter is given. See below.


usapurge takes three optional switches.

Keep <n> versions of backup files instead of the default 24.

By default, usapurge announces itself on stdout when it starts. It also prints status messages as it works. If this switch is given, usapurge will produce no output other than fatal errors. Overrides the --verbose switch.

If --quiet is not given, --verbose turns on verbose output of all commands issued by the framework.


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