Unix::Sysadmin::Cmds - Unix file name base class


 use Unix::Sysadmin::Files;
 use Unix::Sysadmin::Files::FreeBSD;
 use Unix::Sysadmin::Files::OpenBSD;
 use Unix::Sysadmin::Files::SunOS;
 use Unix::Sysadmin::Files::Linux;
 $files = Unix::Sysadmin::Files->new();
 $fbsdfiles = Unix::Sysadmin::Files::FreeBSD->new();
 $obsdfiles = Unix::Sysadmin::Files::OpenBSD->new();
 $sunfiles = Unix::Sysadmin::Files::SunOS->new();
 $linuxfiles = Unix::Sysadmin::Files::Linux->new();
 return Files:: objects of the appropriate type


This class describes Unix files. Subclasses describe files specific to various *nix flavors, which may override values given in the base class. Currently three OS varieties are supported. They are FreeBSD, SunOS (Solaris) and Linux. Files are the fully qualified path to a given file under a given OS. Files are referenced with ``tags'', which are generally the name of the file in uppercase. For example, the file with tag ``AMDMAP'' might have the value ``/etc/''.



      Returns an object of the specified type.



Prints a list of file tags and their values. The base class provides the following generic values:

 AMDMAP => "/etc/",
 AUTHCONF => "/etc/auth.conf",
 PAMCONF => "/etc/pam.conf",
 PW => "/etc/passwd",

Unix::Sysadmin::Files::FreeBSD provides the following additions/overrides:

 KERBCONF => "/etc/kerberosIV/krb.conf",
 KERBREALMS =>  "/etc/kerberosIV/krb.realms",
 PW =>  "/etc/master.passwd",
 SPW =>  "/etc/master.passwd",
 BASEAMDMAP =>  "/etc/",

Unix::Sysadmin::Files::OpenBSD provides identical additions.

Unix::Sysadmin::Files::Linux provides the following additions/overrides:

 SPW => "/etc/shadow";
 BASEAMDMAP =>  "/etc/",
 BASEAUTOFSMAP => "/etc/auto_master",

Unix::Sysadmin::Files::SunOS provides identical additions.


Given a supported tag, returns the path to the file. For example, $files->filename("PW") might return ``/etc/passwd''.


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